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2018 Rick Steves'

MyWay Alpine Tour

An Online Scrapbook To Share My First Journey Abroad

About This Scrapbook:

Since I had never been across the U.S. border, let alone to the west coast, I knew this trip would be an eye opening experience. Using the menu at the top of each page, or the options at the bottom for navigating through the site, you'll be able to find my incredible experiences in each of the countries our tour group visited. On a given page, you'll likely find captions, short stories, and lots of pictures - because, as they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words". After taking this trip, I do agree, however, no picture can substitute for being there in person. So plan your trip and start exploring!!  One of my biggest takeaways from this trip was that traveling to new and exciting destinations really brings out the youth and enthusiasm in people.  Although I may have been one of the youngest participants on the trip, everyone was clearly young at heart. I hope you enjoy!  

About Me:

Hey there, my name is Ryan and I am currently a grad student at Penn State studying additive manufacturing.  When I'm not in class or working, I really enjoy spending time outdoors and exercising.  A few of my hobbies include cycling, hiking, photography, and tinkering with new engineering technologies. 


As I began to finish my undergraduate degree during the 2017-2018 school year, I was feeling severely burnt out and knew that I needed to get away from all the madness.  I eventually stumbled upon Rick Steves' MyWay Tours and immediately knew one of them could be the answer due to their freedom/flexibility and my independent nature.