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“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen

Selecting This Trip and Itinerary:

When I began to look for a trip to take, there were a few criteria that I wasn't willing to compromise on:

  • Cover Multiple Countries Across Europe

  • Include Mountainous Terrain (i.e. the Alps)

  • Don't Be Confined to Constant Tour Groups and Long Bus Rides on a Daily Basis

  • Visit Smaller/Local Towns Rather than Big Cities

Finding Rick Steves' MyWay Alpine Tour hit all of those and saved me a ton of planning.

Below you'll be able to find an overview of the trip itinerary:

Day 1: Welcome to Salzburg

Day 2: All Day in Salzburg

Day 3: Dolomites Drive to Italy

Day 4: All Day in the Alpe di Siusi

Day 5: To the Zugspitze and Bavaria

Day 6: Bikes, Hikes, and Castles

Day 7: On to the Best of Switzerland

Day 8: All Day to Explore the Swiss Alps

Day 9: Another Day of Swiss Adventures

Day 10: To the French Alps

Day 11: Aiguille du Midi Dreamin'

Day 12: Tour Over After Breakfast

I'm going to keep this site feeling like a scrapbook, but if you like what you see and/or want the nitty gritty details on the tour, definitely check out https://www.ricksteves.com/tours/europe/my-way-alpine.

Getting Off the Ground... Well, Sorta...

As the day for my departure from New York came, I arrived at the airport all packed and ready to go.  Heading straight to the departure boards, I looked to see what gate my flight was departing from.  The only problem was that my flight wasn't on the board!  I eventually found the correct check-in desk (where other passengers were already complaining) and asked about the situation.  The flight was cancelled last second without any notifications or warnings.  After a few stressful hours of searching multiple travel agency sites, I finally secured a ticket on the last possible flight that would still get me to Salzburg on time, given no delays.  Once on board the new flight, I could finally breathe again.